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Mini-Split Heating/AC Unit Installations

The comfort of your home or business is exceptionally important, but air conditioning can be expensive. While standard HVAC systems and stand-alone wall or window air conditioners can certainly help to maintain the comfort of your property, they aren’t the most efficient solutions. Fortunately, there’s a way to ensure that your commercial or residential property has access to efficient and reliable cooling. How? With a mini-split AC.

Highly efficient, extremely reliable, easy to maintain, and cost-effective; mini-split air conditioning has become extremely popular among Long Island and Metro New York property owners. At Long Island Best Plumbers, we happen to be experts in the installation of these state-of-the-art air conditioning systems.

mini-split installation

What Is A Mini-Split AC?

A mini-split air conditioning system, also known as a ductless AC, is a smaller version of a split central AC system. The difference between the two is that whereas a traditional AC system requires ductwork to deliver cooled air, a mini-split system does not. Plus, a ductless air conditioner can not only cool your property, but it can also provide heat.

Ductless AC Benefits
Mini-split ACs offer several benefits over traditional split central air conditioning systems and window or wall unit ACs.

Versatility: Mini-splits can be fitted in newly constructed or already existing commercial, residential, and institutional buildings. With the addition of a heat pump, they can be used for both heating and cooling. Single-zone and multi-zone units are available, so they can heat and cool and single space or several rooms or zones, and they can be installed in ceilings and walls.

Easy installation: Because they don’t require ducts, installation is quick and easy.

Quiet operation: Unlike window/wall AC units and HVAC systems, ductless ACs produce very little sound. Thanks to their whisper-quiet operation, you won’t have to deal with loud, obtrusive noise.

Improved energy efficiency: Ductless systems are extremely energy-efficient. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, ducted systems lose approximately 30% of energy through the ductwork before the cooled air even makes it into your building. This energy loss can lead to higher utility bills. Since mini-splits are ductless, you’ll see significant savings on your utility bills.

Increased comfort: Thanks to their hyper-efficiency, their cooling and heating capabilities far exceed standard systems. Plus, since they can be used on a space-by-space basis, you have more control over the temperature.

Enhanced air quality: Standard HVAC systems are notorious for reducing air quality. Dirt and debris accumulate in the ductwork and can be blown through the vents whenever the system kicks on. With mini-splits, no ducts means no dirt and debris, so you’ll be able to breathe easier, thanks to the improved air quality.

Long Island’s Leading Mini-Split AC Installers

Long Island Best Plumbers are experts in mini-split AC installation. We carry the highest quality ductless air conditioners and can devise a customized system that will keep your home or business comfortable all year long. With our mini-split AC installation services, you’ll be able to enjoy reliable, efficient, and clean cooling and heating right away. For more information about ductless air conditioning or to schedule an appointment for a free price estimate, reach out to us at your earliest convenience. Give us a call directly or submit our contact form and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and schedule an appointment at a time that’s works best for you.

Reliable and affordable cooling and heating for your Long Island or Metro New York commercial or residential property is just a call or click away! Get in touch with Long Island Best Plumbers to find out more about our mini-split AC installation services today!